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2019 promises to be en extremely eventful year…filled with long overdue dreams coming true and adventures I have yet to imagine! My partner in crime (Rick) and I gave each other the gift of a getaway for the holiday celebrations. My gift was a road trip to Rabun county to stay at the ole Lake Rabun Hotel.

It had been over 20 years since I had been there and my memories of this quiet little oasis did not disappoint. The winter season thus far has been non stop RAIN so the drive there was pure magic…winding roads with a fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, rhododendrons and mtn laurel draped in crystal gowns. I love to travel off season and this trip was no exception~ the roads were desolate and there is that ultimate quiet of a playful summer and fall harvest that has gone into deep hibernation. When we arrived I saw that the hotel had a major facelift seems a few years back a woman from Delaware fell in love with this North Georgia gem and decided to purchase it and she stretched it upward and outward, now standing 3 stories tall with lovely porches all around it was magnificent! The fire was crackling as we entered what we might refer to as a lobby but what was actually a quaint living room.

The smell of pine still lingered from the holiday decorations, there was a needle or two on the carpet still hanging on to those last memories of 2018. You had the sense that if the aged wood covering the walls, ceilings and floors could talk you would be in for some mighty exciting tales. But we were here to create our own tale and as we checked in and settled into our room upstairs where the fireplace was already going we stretched out on the bed and let out a deep sigh that filled the room with pure contentment. That afternoon I spent my time being lazy curled up by the fire reading, Rick went out into the fog with camera in hand. We had a 7:00 dinner reservation there and again were not disappointed, the food was fabulous this too was a new addition from my earlier experience at the hotel. The next day we slept in ( a rare treat for sure!) had a wonderful breakfast and then headed out once again into the fog and rain!. We wandered on roads I thought would never end not seeing a soul. Then suddenly we would stumble upon a cluster of houses may 1 or 2 homesteads in this vast wilderness and wondered how one manages to live in such remote places. and what do they do??!! We finally began to see the signs of civilization (road signs and such) and decided to head to Clayton for the afternoon.

I hate shopping but given the right place it can be an awe~inspiring experience for me and such it was when we stumbled into ‘Wander’. This was a cool not so little shop with lots of local Georgia goods – i bought a pair of those yummy Smartwool socks just in case our rain does turn to snow one day and a bar of lavender patchouli soap which always brings back memories of my youth. We met one of the owners Josh- who shared his story of heading to the wilderness with his then family of 3 (wife and 2 year old son) to live off the land! With no electricity, growing their own food and leaving a bewildered family ( that would be both of their Mom and Dads) wondering what on earth they were thinking! I had chosen this path once, or was it twice? so I understood this need to be free. They have since moved back closer into town, have this cool shop with another couple and life seems pretty solid for Josh- As for me … this trip like many road trips has made me think about many things in my life- I am always inspired to come home and rearrange furniture -I know !!! .. I do not get that either, but you can be assured that i will be rearranging furniture tomorrow- I also am inspired to create more in my current business which happens to be a coffeehouse-I see some rearranging there as well and some new products thanks to Josh’s guidance in some products that do well for them-he was so super open to share his successes-

My final and most valuable take home from this road trip was that by being away and mind you this was just one night! I was able to take some time to actually look at my life and really get a handle on the things that I love. I imagined that frosted glass that I call my window pane of 2019 and scraped just enough off to get a glimpse of what a day in my life might look like this year if I just followed my heart ….